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Clint Goodrich grew up all over the country as a baseball gypsy spending his entire childhood playing around in minor league baseball parks as his personal backyard playground. (He used to play catch with Frank Tanana – Google him).

After coming to the conclusion he was an adult stuck in a child’s body, he left home at age 16 to join the circus. His circus of choice was the world of Thoroughbred horse racing, to pursue a career as a jockey.

Clint Goodrich - Jockey

Clint Goodrich – Jockey

After becoming a professional jockey at age 18, his initial riding career was relatively brief, riding races professionally off and on until age 21.

Goodrich became an assistant trainer to future Hall of Fame trainer, Carl Nafzger, until age 26, when he caught the eye of legendary Thoroughbred icon John Nerud, who offered him a chance to train a string of horses for the world famous Tartan Farms/Stables of Ocala Florida.

Saint Ballado

Goodrich achieved a greater measure of success as a trainer for a dozen years. His crowning achievement was trainer and part owner of royally bred, Graded Stakes winner, Saint Ballado. Goodrich and his two partners sold Saint Ballado as a stallion prospect for $6.5M.

Burning out on the 24/7 lifestyle of a horse trainer, Goodrich abruptly decided to stop training in 1996 and went into what he personally described as a “free-fall” having no idea where he was going to land. He moved West.

Since 1997 Goodrich has been a futures trader, “half-ass” sports agent, as well as actor, writer and model. He returned to being a jockey, purely “for the love of the game” in 2001 and 2002 on the smaller minor league tracks and the “bull-ring circuits” of state and county fairs.

After finally extinguishing the deep burning flame of being a jockey one last time, Goodrich returned to full time futures trading, managing money, writing, part time modeling and full-time skiing.

Clint Goodrich - Trading Futures

Clint Goodrich – Trading Futures

Clint Goodrich - Modeling

Clint Goodrich – Modeling

Clint Goodrich - Aspen Mountain

Clint Goodrich – Aspen Mountain

Goodrich says: “Training horses is a lifestyle. Being a jockey is an addiction. Trading futures is an obsession. Skiing is an erotic experience. Modeling is a diversion. But when it came to writing, I simply had no choice…”

















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