American Pharoah, Donald Trump, the Media, the Stock Market and Making Your Own Decisions

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Not everything makes perfect sense. Actually, most things, don’t make any sense. But make up your own mind. Make your own decisions. The financial media gurus. The sportscasters who hate Tim Tebow. The mainstream media news anchors and especially the political talking head pundits – ALL of all these media idiots, pretend to know more than you. They do not. …

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The Weather Was Bad At Aqueduct

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Wait, what? Say that again. The weather was bad at Aqueduct…? Hold on. Wait a second! Give me a break. The weather is ALWAYS bad at Aqueduct! This is not news. This is a tired, predictable and seriously weak excuse. I’ve been hearing this weather crap since I first entered the racing world in the seventies. Is this the best …


The 5% Solution for Jockeys

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Here’s the question jockeys: Do you REALLY need an agent? The answer to this question is both yes and no. A little of one. A lot of the other. I think you know which holds the most weight. If you’re happy with your agent, stop reading this post. Keep your agent. I’m probably not speaking your language and that’s ok. …


More Ideas For Jockeys (Trainers, too)

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My last blog entry on March 4th titled “10 Ideas For Jockeys On The Verge” has been shared almost 650 times on Facebook. The post has been viewed on my blog over 4,500 times. I’ve had 40-some inquiries from jockeys AND trainers asking me if I have more ideas I can share. Other people also ask about my credentials. Asking …


10 Ideas For Jockeys On The Verge

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The last couple weeks I’ve heard privately from numerous riders about how frustrated they are trying to deal with the everyday struggles built in to the horse racing environment that have steadily been getting worse. I don’t have to tell any of you, horse racing is a tough game. But it’s never been tougher than it is today. This game …

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Jockeys: Are you ready for CHANGE?

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OK, who wants to go first? Any takers..? Anybody..? Ty Murray said it best: “You’re never completely ready, eventually it just becomes your turn”. Well riders, it’s your turn. I do not have to tell you, the horse racing game has changed. Drastically. Not much of it has changed for the better. Until now. Those who wrote the old rules …